This Ghetto CDN

Since my dev environment runs Apache and only has 1 public IP, I use it for the entire ghetto CDN setup. This post is going to go over how I set it up and deal with things like CORS and limiting what static and content can and can't do.

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Life with Claude

Sometimes, when you're on a roll, it's hard to stop.  What started out as a simple experiment to get static and content assets being served properly out of a multi-site Drupal installation eventually turned in to this rambling and incoherent collection of things mostly because I spend about 2 hours a day on a train with nothing worthwhile to be doing.

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Time for some Arts and Crafts

In our last adventure we soldered a bunch of stuff onto our little PCB and got it more or less doing what we need, so now the time has come to mount our creations on the truck itself. This actually went a lot quicker and smoother than I’d planned.

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The Ins and Outs of a Monster Truck

Welcome to the second installment in the continuing saga of a boy and his truck. In tonight’s episode, we dust off the soldering iron and get down to business building a couple circuits that will give the truck an “interface”.

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Zen and the Art of Monster Trucking

Many Christmases ago, I decided I’d been a good boy and rewarded myself with an amusing little 4x4 called the Carnivore. After impulse buying an Arduino Uno, I decided the time was nigh to dust it off and make it fun again.

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