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Life with Claude

Sometimes, when you're on a roll, it's hard to stop.  What started out as a simple experiment to get static and content assets being served properly out of a multi-site Drupal installation eventually turned in to this rambling and incoherent collection of things mostly because I spend about 2 hours a day on a train with nothing worthwhile to be doing.

Since I wrote about this stuff as I did it, each step builds off the one before it so you should find it pretty easy to play along at home, setting down the wrenches whenever you're happy with what you've done. For the rest of you, fill a glass, because we're gonna be here a while.

Several posts will have snippets of configuration files and, remember, these are just snippets: They're the bare bones of what you need for the various bits and pieces to work, so you should really have a lot more going on than shown here. That being said, they'll probably work as-is in a pinch, but the nginx stuff might be a little dicey because I didn't use it that long.

Also, I should mention, I'm going to drone on a lot about various AWS things and it might sound like it's wicked expensive but, believe me, it's not. The only reason I chose AWS is it's basically free for a year so long as you stick to the scrub tier and don't do anything too, too stupid. I think it's cost me a total of $4.06 in 3 months mostly because I did some dumb things with S3 and I think Cloudfront cost me a penny once. I go much, much cloudier in the series after this one because why not?

Since I can't make a book without a published parent apparently, this is here. It really serves no purpose yet. Be warned that things are just kind of going to show up here as I finish them so stuff will show up in chunks.

TL;DR: I call the original solution (ie what you'll build following these steps) the Claude, lampooning those old Microsoft Claude vs. Cloud commercials since it's half in and half out.