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Zombie Strippers

I must admit that quite often I am found guitly of the sin of curiosity, so when I happened across a movie titled (interestingly enough) Zombie Strippers! I figured I might as well check it out.  Oddly enough, it's more or less what you'd expect.

As the film starts we're brought up to speed on an America gone awry: George Bush has just started his 4th term, elected once again by a mishap in Florida involving the Jeb B Voting Machine.  With wars waging pretty much everywhere and the military stretched thing, the army turns to the move logical solution: A "chemo" virus that reanimates the dead.  Naturally, things get a little out of hand.

The story begins as we watch the "Z-squad" plying their trade, which is kicking zombie ass all over the research facility that made the virus.  Heads are exploded, guns discharged, then that's pretty much the end of their involvment.  Except the one who got bit, he goes to a strip club and all sorts of campy hilarity and B-class gore ensues.

Apparently, in addition to an insatiable thirst for human flesh, the chemo virus also bestows greater than average abilities in most strippers.  The bulk of the film deals with the owner of the club, Ian (the infamous Robert Englund), and his having to deal with more and more of his strippers (porn star Jenna Jameson and goth rock chick Roxy Saint to name the hottest a couple) drinking the koolaid, so to speak.  His happy ending (sic) comes when the Z-squad shows up and does what they do best.

The movie is based on the Theatre of the Absurd play Rhinoceros in which the inhabitants of small French town start turning into rhinos and, I must say, aesthetically pleasing women turning in to flesh craving zombie strippers is much more interesting.

With just the right mixture of nudity, gore and camp this movie's earned itself a place on my personal A-list right beside Dr. Giggles and Killer Klowns from Outer Space.