Two Pets in One Day

So it was a banner today in the old Powell/McEwan household.  What started off looking like just another Monday soon took a turn for the awesome as I ended the day gaining not just one, but two new pets.

The first pet I acquired today is almost as old as I am.  I finally managed to grab lunch with @fishinxpert who made good on his promise to hook me up with a rather sweet piece of old technology: A Commodore PET 8032.  I haven't really figured out what I'm going to do with it yet, it didn't come with a datasette or floppy drive or anything so I think I've finally stumbled across an excuse to get down to the best kind of geekery: The kind that involves a soldering iron.

I've seen a couple screenshots purportedly from 8032s running Contiki so I might see how far I can get with that, but at any rate it'll come in useful for quenching the thirst for low-level fuckery I've been feeling since I read about Ed Roberts' passing a couple weeks ago.

The second pet is more traditional.  After reading his profile on Barlee's Angels, Sarah and I decided to open our home to a year and a half old Hound x Boxer named JB and as of 7pm we've officially begun our trial adoption.  We've been wanting a dog for a while now, myself since my parents had to have CW put down when I was 14, and as soon as we saw his profile we decided he was the one.

Even though we've lived in the townhouse for close to 2 years, I've never realized exactly how many interesting smells there are in our immediate vicinity.  I personally remain oblivious, but many trees, shrubs, large tufts of grass, random bits of sidewalk...  Some of which smell so interesting they apparently warrant an addition.  The most interesting smells, however, seem to emanate from my cats and although Butters seems to be taking it in stride, Token feels the need to occasionally be a dick.  No surprises there, that's just Token being Token.

So all in all, it's been a good day.  One of my new pets offers many years as a friend and companion, and the other offers 31873 bytes with which to do as I please.