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Night Stalker - yuck

I know the show's 3 years old and probably dead in all but low rent syndication, but I recently caught the last 2 episodes of Night Stalker, and let me tell you, Carl Kolchak Stuart Townsend most definitely was not.

Of all the affronts on various childhood memories I hold dear, this television series, short lived as it may have been, was definitely the most aggregious.

As a child, I'd grown up watching old school A&E's Daytime Mysteries where they'd pull out all the old greats like Mike Hammer, Quincy, Columbo and, sometimes, a very rare show called Kolchak.  Unfortunately, I had the displeasure of watching something called "Night Stalker" Space tonight and, quite frankly, I can see why it only lasted one season.

First of all, Kolchak needs the clacking of a typewriter or at very least a tape recorder of some kind to talk to.  Despite the fact she's turned several cases of "jungle fever" into full-blown black plague, Gabrielle Union just doesn't cut it.  The original guiding force behind Kolchak couple with what I can only describe as the rampant "newspaperman"ism Darren McGavin brought to the small screen was what made Kolchak work initially.  Here, in the middle of the shit storm was this poor guy who only wanted to tell the truth, no matter how ridiculous or absurd it may be.  Contemporizing the classics will probably work out (much to my enjoyment) with Knight Rider, but I can honestly say this adaptation failed miserably.

If I don't have anything positive to say, why am I bothering at all, you may ask?  Well, the answer is simple: The final episode (What's the frequency, Kolchak?) was seriously cool.  If you ever happen across it, I'd highly recommend you tune into it, but don't buy it: Gabrielle Union can be seen here.  It's a good example of a show dieing just as it was getting good as opposed to being totally fucked with.