John Cusak, you let me down

That's right, John Cusack, after many years and many more enjoyable movies and memorable characters, your latest cinematic outing severely disappointed me.  You were the king of awesome until @theguelphgirl made me watch Hot Tub Time Machine.

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Two Pets in One Day

So it was a banner today in the old Powell/McEwan household.  What started off looking like just another Monday soon took a turn for the awesome as I ended the day gaining not just one, but two new pets.

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Malice in Wonderland

For those who haven't noticed, I've been on a little bit of an Alice (Through the Looking Glass|In Wonderland) kick recently, owning mostly to the undoubtedly mind-blowing Tim Burton enterprise looming on the horizon.

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The Lovely Bones

So this weekend I let @theguelphgirl drag me to the local movie house to watch a film based on a cheerily dark little tale she'd read not too long ago.  This sad little tome bore the title The Lovely Bones and, I've been assured often enough to be curious, the book is better.

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Thanks to both to winter and The Girl working in a petri dish, I wound up ducking out of work just before lunch today, lest I spread whatever pestilence she dragged home to my co-workers.  After a couple hours of sleeping on the futon, I decided I had to watch something.  I chose Alice.  And no, it's not about a waitress.

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Dead Air in Pontypool

So the other day I sat down to watch a movie called Dead Air and as the story labouriously unfolded, I not only had the distinct impression I'd seen it somewhere before, but it'd seemed much better at the time.  Turns out I was right, and the better movie's name is Pontypool.

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