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  • RT @funky49: I found a thumb drive while running and I hope it has malware on it so I can look at it in a sandbox.
    3 hours 56 min ago
  • The SG transfer gold farm continues. Day 2 of no WvW: Withdrawal setting in. #guildwars2 #gw2
    3 hours 56 min ago
  • @AgentAnnK Baller level: Expert
    3 hours 58 min ago
  • @LaserEyesYea @GuildWars2 How'd you get a Seer Mask on a heavy class? Hax!
    10 hours 14 min ago
  • With a headset mic, there's really only 1 place I have I can attach those nylon pop filters and it ain't gonna reach my mouth.
    10 hours 58 min ago